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What we do

What we do

The Otago Regional Council exists to promote the sustainable development and enhancement of Otago's resources. We work to ensure that these unique resources are used in a way that preserves them for future generations.

As well as looking after the environment, we must take into account the people of Otago - their economic, cultural and social needs.

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The Otago Regional Council employs more than 100 people based around the region.

The main administrative centre is in Dunedin, with satellite offices in Alexandra and a depot in Balclutha.

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Council activities

The work of the Council is overseen by the Chief Executive and a team of directors. Activities are the responsibility of five directorates:

  • Policy, Planning, and Resource Management
  • Engineering, Hazards, and Science
  • Environmental Monitoring and Operations
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Corporate Services   


The Otago Regional Council was established in 1989 when many special purpose local bodies, including the Otago Catchment Board, Otago Regional Water Board and pest destruction boards, noxious plants authorities, and united councils were amalgamated.

Local Body Elections 2016

Twelve Otago regional councillors will be elected in four constituencies at the local body elections to be held on 8 October 2016. The Otago Regional Council will be elected under the First Past the Post (FPP) system. Names on the voting documents will be in random order.

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