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Contact us form 2015 Environmental Observation report form Building consent forms Rates forms Resource consent forms Water metering forms Rabbit control forms Bylaw approval application form Gravel...

Environmental Enhancement Fund

Fund rationale Reason for fund Otago Regional Council has established the Environmental Enhancement Fund as a method of promoting good environmental outcomes in Otago. The fund provides support to...

Fish and Flow web portal

Welcome to the Fish and Flow web portal.  Here you can find out what information ORC has on water permits (including deemed permits/mining privileges), freshwater fish values, river flow informatio...

Paying your ORC rates

Access rating information for all properties in Otago, find out how to pay and download forms.


Otago Regional Council's water monitoring services and information about water quality, stormwater and flood management.


Air monitoring ORC monitors air quality using permanent and portable samples at various sites around the region. Find out more about air monitoring For real time air quality monitoring visit LAWA ....

Regional Policies, Plans, Strategies and Bylaws

Features ORC’s regional plans governing water, air, the coast, and waste; the Rural Water Quality Strategy; and the Pest Management Strategy, among other documents.

Farming and land management

We provide advice, booklets and newsletters for farmers, land managers and lifestyle block owners

Managing water availability during low flows

How will ORC manage low river flows? As well as providing information about what is happening with river levels, we are responsible for ensuring the rules regarding water takes are followed so that...


Climate and Pasture Update provides a monthly review for Otago. Grow Otago is a database of climate and soil maps for the Otago region

Resource consents

A resource consent allows a person or organisation to do something which may have an effect on the environment.

Regionally Significant Wetlands

Find out more about Otago’s Regionally Significant Wetlands. Contains photographs, maps, facts and up-to-date information on the functions and values of more than 170 wetlands throughout the region.

Environmental education

It encourages: Awareness of the environment and environmental challenges The development of skills to confront these challenges The fostering of attitudes, motivation, and commitments to make...

Dams, their safety, and building consents

A dam's safety is dependent on its design, construction and how it's managed, operated and maintained. If you own a dam or canal in Otago, Southland or the West Coast, or are planning to construct,...

Natural hazards

The ORC assess the extent and significance of natural hazard in the Otago region, including those which occur relatively frequently (such as flooding) and those that are rare, such as tsunami or...

Emergency Management Otago

Emergency Management Otago Hazards information Preparing for an emergency At a local and regional level, Civil Defence agencies prepare for and co-ordinate the responses to catastrophic events. In...


Waste is everyone's problem and we all need to take responsibility for the rubbish we create. ORC sets out rules on waste minimisation for Otago. These are outlined in our publication - Regional...

Land Air and Water Aotearoa - LAWA

What indicators does LAWA display Regional councils measure a range of indicators when assessing water quality. The most common are bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorous, water clarity and acidity. LAWA...

Pest control

More about the Pest Management Strategy for Otago 2009 More about pest animals More about pest plants Environmental Monitoring and Operations is a business unit operated by ORC. The unit is availab...

Coasts and harbours

On this page Boating in Otago Harbour Coastal marine structures consents Boating in Otago Harbour For general safety and navigation advice, permission to stage events, and in the case of conflict...


On this page Mineral resources Protecting the environment from mining Effects of mining Future of minerals Mineral resources Mineral resources in Otago include: Coal - estimated value of $34 billio...

Regional transport land planning

The Otago Regional Council is responsible for planning an affordable, integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable land transport system in the Otago region.

Twitter flood alert service

Twitter flood alerts let you know via your cellphone when rivers and lakes are rising and there's a risk of flooding.

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