We need to keep the air clean and free from pollution to protect people's health and the environment. ORC regularly monitors the air quality within Otago, and identifies air quality problems and issues. The main source of air pollution in this region is solid fuel burning for heating.

Air monitoring

ORC monitors air quality using permanent and portable samples at various sites around the region.

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For real time air quality monitoring visit LAWA.

Clean Heat Clean Air

The ORC Clean Heat Warm Home Assistance programme helps eligible homeowners pay for the cost of purchasing and installing insulation and ORC-approved clean heating appliances such as heat pumps, pellet burners, flued gas, and woodburners.The programme applies in the the Air Zone 1 towns -  Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell, Arrowtown, and Milton. This brochure includes further information and an application form.

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Solid fuel heating

Burners used to heat buildings are the major source of pollution in Otago. Read about regulations for installing solid fuel burners currently and in future, which burners comply, and check out frequently asked questions about solid fuel heating.

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Other air pollution sources

Read about other sources of air pollution including outdoor burning, motor vehicles, agrichemical spray drift, industrial and commercial sources, and odours.

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Reporting air pollution

To report incidences of air pollution in Otago phone 0800 800 033.

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