Clean Heat Clean Air programme

Otago Regional Council (ORC) is working with homeowners in Milton (Air Zone 2) and Central Otago (Air Zone 1 towns - Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell and Arrowtown) to encourage the installation of clean heating appliances.  This will improve air quality, help these towns meet national air quality standards, and keep their homes warm.

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In 2004, the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) introduced national standards for air quality which set air pollution levels allowed in New Zealand. Regional councils are responsible for making sure these standards are met by 2020.

Clean Heat Clean Air subsidy

The ORC Clean Heat Clean Air programme can provide a subsidy for removal of a working non- compliant solid fuel burner from the main living area of your home and replacement with an approved new clean heating appliance for Air Zone 1 towns of Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell and Arrowtown.

ORC, with the support of funding from The Clutha District Council is able to extend the Air Zone 1 heating subsidies to Milton (Air Zone 2) to improve home warmth and air quality.

Clean heating appliances are environmentally friendly and convenient ways to heat and retain warmth in a home.

Provided there is an agreement for the removal of a non-compliant solid fuel burner or decommission of an open fire, the ORC heating subsidies available to approved applicants as at 1 July 2013 are:

Community Services Card (CSC) $2,000 General income $1,500

The Benefits of Clean Heating Appliances

The benefits of clean heating appliances include:

  • they are convenient to use and easy to operate 
  • they are more efficient than older-style heaters
  • pollution-related illness is less likely, resulting in fewer doctor's visits 
  • increased comfort
  • improving the air quality in your area.


The ORC Clean Heat Clean Air Subsidy

The Clean Heat Clean Air subsidy is to assist homeowners with the installation of a selection of approved replacement clean heating appliances, including heat pumps, woodburners, pellet burners, and flued gas heaters/fires.

You are eligible for this subsidy if:
  • you own a home built before the year 2000 in the Air Zone 1 towns of Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell and Arrowtown or the Air Zone 2 township of Milton.
  • you have any burner that does not meet the ORC Regional Plan Air rules and you agree to its removal or full decommissioning by an approved ORC contractor.
  • You agree to install an approved clean heating appliance (heat pump, pellet fire, flued gas heater, or compliant wood burner)

    Milton residents please note the ORC heating subsidy is based on meeting the Air Zone 1 requirements for wood burners of an emissions discharge rating of 0.7g/kg of fuel burnt and an efficiency rating of not less than 65%.  No heating subsidy is available for install of a wood burner higher than the 0.7g/kg emissions rating.

Air Zone 1 and Milton residents with a current Community Services Card (CSC) may receive a subsidy of $2,000 or a general income subsidy of $1500 towards a new approved heat pump, pellet burner, flued gas heater/fire, or approved woodburner.

Central Otago Clean Heat Clean Air assistance programme brochure (1 MB)

Milton Clean Heat Clean Air assistance programme brochure (1 MB)

Appliances available from Clean Heat Clean Air programme

The ORC Clean Heat Clean Air programme installs clean heating appliances approved by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE)

View the EECA accepted products 

Approved woodburners

From 1 January 2012 only woodburners meeting the following standards are permitted in the Air Zone 1 towns of Alexandra, Cromwell, Clyde, and Arrowtown and in Milton:

  • All woodburners that have an emission discharge rating of 0.7g/kg of fuel burnt and an efficiency rating of not less than 65%.
  • All woodburners installed before 14 April 2007 in Alexandra, Arrowtown or Cromwell or 1 April 2009 in Clyde having an emission rate of less than 1.5g/kg of fuel burnt, and a thermal efficiency rating of not less than 65%.

The key factor is that approved new woodburners must have an emission discharge rating of less than 0.7g/kg to be compliant and also eligible to receive the ORC Air Zone 1 heating subsidy.

A full list of approved woodburners can be viewed at and the accepted EECA heating products list can be viewed at .

How do I receive the Subsidy?

The ORC heating subsidy is limited and prioritised to home owners within Milton and current Air Zone 1 boundaries in Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell and Arrowtown, who meet the eligibility criteria. The application process is as follows:

  • You make contact with a ORC-approved heating contractor in your local area (current ORC approved contractors are listed below)
  • The installer (heating contractor) will:
    • call you to arrange a site visit
    • provide a quote (which will include a deduction for the ORC heating subsidy)
    • arrange for removal and disposal of the existing non compliant appliance and install of your new heater
    • arrange for a building permit from the local council (if required)

Please note that all contractual and warranty matters in regard to the removal and install of the heating appliance are with the heating contractor and not with ORC.

Current approved ORC Contractors

You are not limited to these heating contractors listed below.  If you wish to use a contractor not currently listed, please ask the contractor to make contact with the ORC to see our service contract requirements.

  • McLellan’s Plumbing and Heating
  • AirMax Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd
  • Hayes Building & Construction (Cromwell)
  • Campbell Electric
  • Central Otago Mitre 10
  • Central Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd
  • HeatCo Ltd
  • Milton Hammer Hardware
  • Roslyn Mowers & Heating Ltd
  • Air Con Heat Pumps Otago
  • Rayners Ltd
  • Southern Plumbing & Heating Ltd
  • Yunca Heating
  • Smart Energy Solutions
  • Mitre 10 Mega Queenstown
  • The Dunedin Fireplace Ltd
  • CT Electrical Ltd

For other approved contractors please contact the Customer Services Team at or phone 0800 474 082

How do I find out if my gold card has a community service endorsement?

Look on the reverse of your card for the lettering "NZS CSC". If your card does not have the CSC endorsement you can still apply for the general income subsidy. 

How do I find out if my home is in an area that qualifies?

ORC subsidies are available in Air Zone 1 towns of Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell, Arrowtown and Air Zone 2 town of Milton.

To find out if your property qualifies please look on the following maps:


Air Zone 1

Queenstown Lakes District

Arrowtown (0.3 MB)

Central Otago District

Cromwell (0.3 MB)
Clyde (0.3 MB)
Alexandra (0.4 MB)


Air Zone 2

Clutha District

Milton (0.4 MB)


View full details of the ORC Regional Air Plan



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