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Bus timetables and running times

View the bus timetable

Weekday daytime and Saturday routes map (GIF, 241 KB)

Weekday evening, Sunday, public holiday routes map (GIF, 168 KB)

For assistance with bus timetables, phone the bus call centre 474 0287, 8am – 6pm Monday – Friday; 9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

When waiting for a bus at any stop other than a terminus, passengers should ensure they allow for the possibility that a bus might be running several minutes early or late, depending on traffic conditions.

When waiting at a bus stop, PLEASE SIGNAL THE DRIVER

School bus information

At present, ORC contracts some weekday bus services to/from Dunedin schools, listed below. These services can also be used by the general public.

In accordance with the Regional Public Transport Plan 2014, as we implement the new bus network, our contracted school services will be progressively phased out. It is expected that students will use the normal bus network services for their school travel.

For details of other school services run commercially by bus companies or arranged by schools themselves, please contact the bus company or school concerned.

Services to Logan Park High School (LPHS)

  • From Pine Hill – this service leaving Pine Hill at 8:35am travels via Dundas Street and LPHS (route 5D).
  • From Port Chalmers – all services stop near the stadium site (route 13); the 8:15am travels via Butts Road to LPHS, then via Clyde Street.

Services from Logan Park High School

  • To Wakari/Helensburgh – service leaves LPHS at 3:40pm and travels via Anzac Avenue and the Octagon (route 51C).
  • To Pine Hill – service leaves LPHS at 3:35pm (route 6E).
  • To Roslyn / Maori Hill – service leaves LPHS at 3:38pm and travels via the University (route 48A).

After school services for other schools

  • A service leaves Dunedin North Intermediate at 3:05pm for Pine Hill (route 6D).
  • Services between Lookout Point pick up at Macandrew Intermediate at 3:15pm, then Kings and Queens High Schools after school at approximately 3.20pm (route 40C).
  • The Waverley bus service travels via Bayfield High School, stopping there at 3.35pm.  Shiel Hill services also travel via Bayfield High School, departing at 3.22pm and 3.42pm.


Every endeavour will be made to keep to the time and routes as set out in the timetable. However, no responsibility is accepted for any loss or expense incurred by any person because of delay or irregularity which may occur for any reason whatsoever.

Stops and shelters

For enquiries about the location of bus stops and shelters, phone the Dunedin Bus call centre on 474 0287.

Accessible travel information

The Otago Regional Council is working to make bus use more accessible for people with cognitive, sensory or physical impairments.

Through the changes, we hope to make using public transport in Dunedin a more positive experience.

All bus services welcome passengers accompanied by guide dogs.

The timetable book

If you would  like a copy of the timetable book with larger writing, you can print it from our website by downloading it here.

Priority seating

A priority seating area is available on most buses.  It provides space for one wheelchair user or seating for those with physical, sensory, and cognitive impairments, and parents/caregivers with children.

The bus driver may ask people to move out of the priority seating area to enable a passenger in a wheelchair or in a pram to use it.

Wheelchair users are required to apply brakes while on the bus.

Wheelchairs and mobility aids on buses

Many buses are super low floor and have the ability to kneel to meet the kerb, or have wheelchair ramps fitted to allow access for wheelchair users.

Services that may not have super low floors are:

  • Palmerston services
  • 5.15pm weekday bus to Ravensbourne hills
  • St Clair - Normanby

Wheelchair accessibility differs from bus to bus, and carriage can depend on the size of the wheelchair involved.

Any wheelchair or mobility aid that extends into the aisle of the bus may not be carried, and the driver may request you to get off the bus.

Mobility scooters will not fit on any bus.

Will your wheelchair fit?

Contact the bus company to work out if your wheelchair will fit on the bus you want to travel on.

GoBus:  474 1699
Ritchies:  477 9238

Bus Carry-on Items Guidelines

For the safety, comfort and convenience of our passengers, Otago Regional Council has worked with Dunedin bus companies to develop a set of carriage guidelines. 

These guidelines outline what can and cannot be taken on buses - and also include instructions for using the bike racks.

View the carriage guidelines (72 KB)


Some weekday (before 6.30pm) and Saturday services provide limited bike rack facilities (up to two bikes at a time).

These are:

  • Abbotsford
  • Balaclava
  • Brighton
  • Concord
  • Corstorphine - St Clair Park
  • Helensburgh
  • Kenmure
  • Lookout Point
  • Opoho
  • Palmerston
  • Pine Hill
  • Shiel Hill
  • Mosgiel (including the loop service)

We aim to have bike racks on all Dunedin services by the end of 2017.

Lost property

For lost property phone the bus call centre on 474 0287.

Code of Conduct

View the Code of Conduct (32 KB)

Feedback and Complaints

Lodge all complaints or other feedback with the bus call centre.  Include your full name, details of the time, date, particular service, fleet number and if possible, the driver's name or number.  These details are listed on your bus ticket.


Please check your receipt before moving away from driver. The driver is able to correct the transaction only until processing another fare. To obtain a refund contact the bus company.

Replacement GoCards

Cancel a lost or stolen GoCard as soon as possible to ensure it is not used by another person. The money on your GoCard can be made available to be placed onto a new card — phone 474 0827 for details.

Cards cannot be cancelled over the phone, you will need to come to the ORC office. Alternatively, phone us to arrange post, fax or emailing of the information required.

Proof of issue is required (the receipt or card’s paper wallet from when you were issued your card) or, alternatively, two forms of identification acceptable to ORC.

Once ORC staff cancel your old card it will take 72 hours before any remaining funds can be made available for your new card. A new card will cost $15 ($5 issue fee and $10 credit) which can be used immediately. You can return after three working days to load the previous balance on your new card.

Faulty cards

Follow the steps above for obtaining a replacement. If it is physically damaged, there is a charge of $5.00 for a new one. If the card is faulty, a free replacement will be issued.

You can view the conditions of use for Go Card here.

Public holidays

Dunedin bus services will not operate on the following public holidays:

  • Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.

Public holiday timetables apply for the following days:

  • January 1st, 2nd (and associated observed statutory holidays)
  • Waitangi Day, 6 February *
  • Easter Monday
  • Anzac Day, 25 April *
  • Queen’s Birthday Monday
  • Labour Day
  • Boxing Day, 26 December (and associated observed Statutory holidays for Christmas and Boxing days).

*  When Waitangi Day and Anzac Day fall at a weekend, a normal service will apply on the weekend day and a public holiday service will apply on the Monday.

Normal weekday services will apply on Otago Anniversary Day.

Extreme weather/snow days

In extreme weather, obtain information about any timetable changes from the Dunedin bus call centre, then check the ORC website for regular updates.

Road closures

Road closures are listed on the Dunedin City Council’s website.

During road closures/detours, bus services are re-routed as close to normal routes as possible. When events close the central roadway between north and south entrances to Moray Place, the following detours will be put in place:

Buses travelling north to Normanby, Pine Hill, Opoho, Ross Creek, and Maori Hill/Roslyn via the University will turn right off Princes Street into Moray Place, continue around the east side of Moray Place and turn right onto George Street, and then continue on their normal routes. There will be temporary bus stops outside Bracken Court, and in George Street just past the Moray Place intersection.

Buses travelling west to Brockville, Halfway Bush, and Wakari/Helensburgh will turn right off Princes Street into Moray Place and continue round Moray Place, past the Public Library and Town Hall, then turn right up into Stuart Street and continue on their normal
routes. There will be temporary stops outside Bracken Court and in the parking bay outside the steps up to the Public Library on the west side of Moray Place.

Buses travelling south and to Bradford/Belleknowes, Balaclava and Kenmure will turn right off George Street into Moray Place at the Public Library corner and continue around the west side of Moray Place, turning right into Princes Street and then continuing on their normal routes. There will be temporary stops in the parking bay outside the steps up to the Public Library on the west of Moray Place, and in Princes Street just past Otago House.

All other detours will be advertised.

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