Dunedin Bus Hub

Dunedin's public transport is changing.

Since the adoption of the Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) in 2014, we’ve been rolling out network wide changes to create an affordable and connected public transport system in Dunedin.

While many of these changes focus on implementing direct and stable bus routes with regular frequencies, we’re also looking to improve the accessibility of the bus services, information, and infrastructure.

As part of these changes, we’re providing a bus hub in the city centre to make your bus journey better.

Bus Hub info pamphlet November 2016 (4 MB)

What is a bus hub?

A bus hub represents a major interaction point between people and public transport, where people access public transport services and information, or transfer between two services. It is also where people join or leave the public transport service on foot, cycle, or by car. 

The bus hub will:

  • Provide one location where all bus services meet so passengers can transfer quickly and easily
  • Reduce congestion around the Octagon
  • Enable co-ordination of bus services in the city centre
  • Simplify and enhance the user experience

Where is it going to be?

When determining the best location, we considered the following:

  • Sufficient space to provide reasonable facilities and future development
  • Ability of buses to access the hub
  • Ease of access for all passengers
  • Impact on the surrounding neighbourhood

The bus hub must be within close walking distance to the key activity areas in the central city. Several locations around the city centre were assessed in discussion with DCC and NZTA, and Great King Street (between Moray Place and St Andrew Street) was identified as the best fit for the bus hub.

Bus Hub Map

Why we’ve chosen Great King Street

  • It is close to central businesses and the shopping precinct, and provides close access to the hospital
  • Being next to the central police station security is elevated
  • The road is wide enough to accommodate the bus bays and facilities
  • It has space for potential future development
  • Its central location makes it simple to re-route the bus services
  • Minimal disruption from road closures during events
  • Removes issues with road closures on George Street for most services
  • Low density of street development
  • Opportunities for future network growth and development exist.

Current Concept Design

Great King Street

Key FeaturesThis design also includes the following facilities:

  • Quality infrastructure: toilets, lighting, seating, and shelter
  • CCTV
  • Real time information
  • Raised kerbs to assist with getting on and off the buses.

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What it might look like

Design development


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