Contacts, feedback, and complaints

Please make any comments or enquiries related to the Dunedin bus timetable, a specific bus service, bus fares, bus stops or shelters to the Dunedin bus call centre, phone 474 0287.

For Queenstown services and fares, phone Connectabus: 03 441 4471.

Complaints - Dunedin bus services

All complaints about Dunedin bus services should be made as soon as possible following any incident directly to the bus call centre, phone 474 0287.

So that complaints can be properly investigated they should include full details of the time, date, the particular service, the fleet number of the bus and the driver’s name if possible. These details are recorded on the bus receipt issued when you pay the fare.

Alternatively, complaints can be made in writing to the Otago Regional Council. Complaints must include contact details of the person making the complaint, to allow a response to be made.

Complaints received via social media will not be investigated.

Property left on Dunedin buses

For lost property, phone the bus call centre, 474 0287. Call centre staff will advise you on what steps to take.

Complaints and lost property - Queenstown bus services

Contact Connectabus

Contact details for ORC and bus companies

Otago Regional Council
70 Stafford Street
Private Bag 1954
Dunedin 9054
Telephone: (03) 474-0827 Fax: (03) 479-0015

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Go Bus Transport Ltd
1 Transport Place, P. O. Box 503, Dunedin
Telephone: (03) 474-1669 | Fax: (03) 477-2228

cnr Halsey & Sturdee Streets, Dunedin Basin, Dunedin, 9016
PO Box 1161, Dunedin 9054
Telephone: (03) 477 9238 | Fax: (03) 477 8859 

Connectabus Queenstown
P.O. Box 656 Queenstown
Telephone: (03) 441-4471 | Fax: (03) 441-4756


Otago Regional Council

70 Stafford Street
Private Bag 1954
Dunedin 9054

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8 am - 5 pm
0800 474 082
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