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Zone Child Adult Child Adult  Student concession, GoCard Extra concession and SuperGold Card peak
One $1.50 $2.20 $1.26 $1.92 $1.61
Two $1.90 $3.00 $1.55 $2.53 $2.11
Three $2.10 $3.40 $1.84 $2.99 $2.50
Four $2.50 $3.90 $2.22 $3.48 $2.90
Five $3.00 $5.20 $2.54 $4.44 $3.72
Six $3.60 $6.00 $2.99 $5.22 $4.35
Seven $4.10 $6.70 $3.67 $6.09 $5.07

Card Discount Key (Approximate):
Adult ≈ 10%
Child ≈ 10%
GoCard Extra ≈ 25%
SuperGold Peak ≈ 25%
Student ≈ 25% 

A child is aged 5-15 or up to and including 20 years if still at secondary school and on presentation of an authorised secondary school photographic identification card.  School pupils wanting an ID card to prove eligibility should contact the school in the first instance.

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GoBus operate the following non-subsidized services where different fares may apply:

  • St Clair – Normanby, Monday to Saturday
  • Brockville - Halfway Bush to city, Monday to Friday
  • St Kilda to city, Monday to Friday.

Fares are subject to annual review.  All fare changes will be advertised.

Concession fares

GoCard concessions

GoCard is the integrated ticket for Dunedin and Queenstown urban bus services. GoCard stores your money for bus fares, eliminating the need to carry cash. GoCard automatically gives a 10% discount off the cash fare (rounded).

Get your GoCard on any Dunedin urban bus, any Connectabus bus in Queenstown, from the Dunedin City Council Customer Service Centre in the Octagon, the Otago Regional Council office at 70 Stafford Street, Dunedin, the University Bookshop, 378 Great King St, or from the Connectabus kiosk in Camp Street Queenstown.

GoCards issuance fee is $5 each. Minimum deposit on a card is $10.

GoCard terms and conditions

Other concession fares 

A 25% GoCard Extra discount on the adult cash fare is available to those with a GoCard and either Student ID card, GoCard Extra card or a SuperGold card. This discount is instead of, not additional to, the 10% GoCard discount. Children up to and including the age of four will be carried for free.

Student concessions

Dunedin tertiary students with a GoCard and a valid student ID receive a 25% discount.

SuperGold card

ORC participates in the Government’s SuperGold Card Scheme, providing SuperGold card holders free off-peak travel between 9am - 3pm and after 6.30pm on weekdays and all days on weekends and public holidays.

The SuperGold card free travel can only be obtained through GoCard. The first time a passenger presents a SuperGold card to obtain free off-peak travel, they should ask the driver for a GoCard.

More information on SuperGold card

GoCard Extra concessions

The GoCard Extra gives eligible holders approximately 25% off the adult cash fare (rounded). To obtain a GoCard Extra card, visit the Otago Regional Council office at 70 Stafford St.

If you have trouble getting to our office, phone our reception and they can arrange for you to email, post or fax the details required.

To obtain the GoCard Extra concession, you must show both your GoCard Extra and GoCard to the driver. GoCard Extra is not available on a cash fare.

GoCard extra entitlements and documents required

  • Those who would have been entitled to the widow’s benefit and are now receiving the Sole Parent Support payments: A recent letter (less than two months old) from WINZ showing your full name, benefit number and stating your benefit type, and entitlement.

  • Those receiving a Supported Living Payment with a permanent disability: A recent letter (less than two months old) from WINZ showing your full name, benefit number and stating your benefit type, and entitlement.

  • Sight-impaired members of the Royal Foundation of the Blind or the Association of Blind Citizens of NZ:  A recent letter or document (less than two months old) showing your full name and stating you are a qualifying member of that agency.

  • Those eligible for NZ Superannuation:  If you have a SuperGold card, you do not need a GoCard Extra.  If not, bring a copy of your birth certificate or passport, to verify your age and eligibility.

Replacement GoCards

Cancel a lost or stolen GoCard as soon as possible to ensure it is not used by another person. The money on your GoCard can be made available to be placed onto a new card — phone 474 0827 for details.

Cards cannot be cancelled over the phone, you will need to come to the ORC office. Alternatively, phone us to arrange post, fax or emailing of the information required.

Proof of issue is required (the receipt or card’s paper wallet from when you were issued your card) or, alternatively, two forms of identification acceptable to ORC.

Once ORC staff cancel your old card it will take 72 hours before any remaining funds can be made available for your new card. A new card will cost $15 ($5 issue fee and $10 credit) which can be used immediately. You can return after three working days to load the previous balance on your new card.

Faulty cards

Follow the steps above for obtaining a replacement. If it is physically damaged, there is a charge of $5.00 for a new one. If the card is faulty, a free replacement will be issued.

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