With a growing population and a constant flow of visitors, travel around the Wakatipu Basin is getting harder.

We’re bringing you a new bus service to keep you moving and help reduce traffic congestion. We want the upcoming improvements to make taking the bus your best option for getting around the Basin.

We’re working hand-in-hand with QLDC, NZTA and Queenstown Airport on a coordinated approach to better meet the needs of public transport services and facilities in the Wakatipu area.

What's changing this year?

New routes

There’ll be four routes that are simple, direct, and easy to understand for visitors and new users. The routes will service a wider area and reach more people.


Increased frequencies

We’re also increasing frequencies, meaning buses will come more often and take you where you’re going faster.


Flat fare across network

It’ll be just $2 with your GoCard to take the bus – and with the free 30-minute transfer you can get anywhere in the network for this flat fare.


Coordinated timetables

With the free 30-minute transfer (using your GoCard) it will be much easier to connect to another service.


2018 and beyond...

Integrated ticketing system

Next year we’ll be bringing you a brand-new ticketing system. This will help you manage your ticket with online top-ups, easy transfer, and a lower minimum amount to top-up.



Public transport plays a vital role in the future development and growth of Queenstown. We’re still working on other potential improvements for your bus user experience. Watch this space!

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