Environmental Enhancement Fund

Fund rationale

Reason for fund

Otago Regional Council has established the Environmental Enhancement Fund as a method of promoting good environmental outcomes in Otago. The fund provides support to the cost of activities which either retains the existing characteristics of valued natural resources or improves environments degraded because of problems in the past.


Natural resources (air, water and land – fresh and coastal, and their ecosystems) in Otago are in suitable condition to provide for the ecological, social and economic wellbeing of the regional community.

Objectives of fund

The fund is established to:

  • Promote community support for activities that complement regulation relating to resource management
  • Respond to community concerns about the condition of local resources
  • Make investment that improves the environment and ecosystems for the regional community
  • Increase social, cultural and economic opportunity
  • Manage resource use to remedy legacy and recent unacceptable conditions
  • Produce an inventory of activities undertaken for the regional community’s wellbeing


The fund will be available to:

  • Promote public involvement in good resource management
  • Enhance regional relationships and set environmental precedents
  • Reduce stress on ecological systems
  • Construct and implement environmental solutions
  • Address public resource matters in preference to private property
  • Support single rather than multi-stage projects
  • Support a project alone or as part contribution supporting alternative funding sources
  • Support a few larger rather than many small allocations

To qualify, activities must relate to improving the quality of the Otago natural resource base. The activity must:

  • Link to resolving causes of unacceptable conditions, avoid continuance, and not merely give temporary appearance of a solution
  • Fit with other activities; being integral or complementary
  • Not provide administrative support or commit to future stages of projects
  • Contain defined outcomes and evaluation of achievement will be required when the project has been completed

How to apply

Send your request for consideration to enhancement@orc.govt.nz or submit your request via our online form.

In your request you should address the following areas:

  • Project description (150 words max)
  • How the project protects existing natural resources or improves a degrading environment (300 words max)
    -  What the project is seeking to achieve
    -  Why the project achievement is necessary for managing Otago resources
  • Who is involved in the project (project lead, supporting partners)
  • Funding amount (inclusive of GST) sought, and for what (200 words max)
  • Total project budget
  • Timeframe for delivery
  • How will this project improve the ecological, social or economic values of Otago (300 words max)
  • Letter of support (desirable)


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