Farming and land management

We provide advice, booklets, and newsletters to farmers, land managers and lifestyle block owners on and about sustainable land management and pastoral best practice.

Liaison Specialist team

The team promote sustainable land and water management in the Otago region. They provide help and advice to local communities on the management of the region’s natural resources. Much of their work...

Sheep beef and deer

The land resources team promotes farming best practices across all grazing systems. For more information of farming best practices check out the Environmental considerations booklets or contact a...

Soils maps and database

The information describes only the typical average properties of the specified soil to a depth of 1 metre, it therefore should not be the primary source of data when making land use decisions on...

Dairy farming

Information and links on environmental considerations and initiatives for dairy farmers.

Soil moisture and evapotranspiration monitoring

A tool to help aid decisions about when soil conditions are appropriate to apply effluent in the south and to irrigate in the north.

Stock effluent disposal

On this page: How spillage occurs on roads Doing the right thing to keep roads clear Stock effluent disposal sites How spillage occurs on roads Stock effluent spills can occur through: Carting...

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