Paying your ORC rates

New paperless direct debit service

You can now pay your rates via direct debit without needing to complete a manual form.  Please click the link below to set up this service. If an online direct debit form is completed this will override any existing direct debit arrangements.

Pay your Direct Debit rates online now

All Direct Debit forms must be received before the 10th October 2016, to be processed for the current years rates due on the 31 October 2016.

Direct Debits can still be submitted after this date but will be processed for the 2017/18 rating period.

Manual direct debit forms can still be completed by downloading the form under Document Downloads.

All direct debit payment options can be cancelled at any time by contacting customer services on 0800 474 082 or

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Rates due date and late payment penalties
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How can I pay my ORC rates?

There are several ways you can pay your Otago Regional Council rates:

Bill payment via Telephone/Electronic Banking

Bill payment via Telephone/Electronic Banking - Please select 'Otago Regional Council - Rates' from the pre-loaded payees on your bank's Bill Payment internet site and complete the fields as prompted.

Payments made to Otago Regional Council bank account

Bank of New Zealand, Dunedin Branch, Bank A/C 02-0900-0532547-00.  Please quote Assessment number (from top right corner of your account), rate payers surname or/and property details.

Credit Card

Online through Bank of New Zealand using your Mastercard or Visa credit card.  (There is a bank fee payable to BNZ for each transaction).

Pay your rates online now using our secure credit card payment page


Post a cheque to us by using the Business Reply Envelope supplied with your account.

In Person

Pay in person at any Post Shop or Regional Council offices in Dunedin, and Alexandra.

Check our office locations and addresses
Check out post shop locations around the Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka areas

Direct debit options

Set up a direct debit with ORC so you don’t need to worry about remembering to pay. With direct debit, you can either:

  • Pay the full amount owing by direct debit on the due date 31 October, or
  • The tri-annual option of paying by three equal direct debit payments on 31 October and the last business day in the months February and June.

If the 31 October falls on a weekend or public holiday holidays funds will be debited on the closest business day prior to the 31 October.

To be eligible for the tri-annual option, you must have paid any balance owing from previous years before submitting a direct debit authority form.  Rate penalties will not apply to current year rates using this option.

To arrange for either of these options, you will need to complete a manual direct debit form or set up your direct debit payments online. 

Download the ORC Direct Debit form and instructions (281 KB)

Change of direct debit

For all changes to direct debits please download and complete the ORC direct debit form or set up your new direct debit payments online. Note, any new direct debit payment requests submitted online will overwrite existing direct debit arrangements.

If you would like to cancel your direct debit please email customer services  or send a letter to customer services with your request.

Rates due date and late payment penalties

The due date for all current year rates is 31 October.  All rates unpaid on 1 November will have a 10% penalty applied.  A further 10% penalty will apply to arrears rates unpaid on 1 May.  Further penalties will continue to be applied in accordance with Council resolutions.

Late arrival of your payment due to incorrect addressing, postal service timing or any other reason is not the responsibility of the Council.

Council may engage appropriate collection agencies to assist in the recovery of overdue rate balances at any time after the due date.  Where such action is necessary, costs incurred may be charged to the ratepayer's account.

How do I update my rates details?

Change of address

To ensure consistency and accuracy in our rating records, the Otago Regional Council updates rating information based on the records held by local territorial authorities.  If you have changed your postal address, please contact your local territorial authority with the new details.  They will notify us of the change.  Please see below for the contact details for local territorial councils in the Otago region.

Dunedin City Council: (03) 477 4000
Queenstown Lakes District Council: (03) 441 0499
Clutha District Council: (03) 419 0200
Waitaki District Council: (03) 433 0300
Central Otago District Council: (03) 440 0056

Receiving rates assessment via email

If you would like to receive your rates assessment by email, or you need to change your email details, please complete the ORC rates email application form and return this form to customer services either by a scanned copy attached to email, or post. 

Check rates information online

Rating information for all properties in Otago is available from our online database. Here you can search for properties and check the rate charges for the current rating period.

Check rating information for a property in Otago using the rates database

Check your estimated rates for 2017/18 based on Councils 2017/18 Annual Plan

Ratepayers have the right to inspect Council's rating information database and rates records, and the right to object to any of the information included in these.

In accordance with Section 28C of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 you may ask to have your name and/or postal address withheld from the rating information database.  To request suppression, complete the required form here.

Download the Otago Regional Council rates brochure 2016-17 (1 MB)

Read more about the Otago Regional Council and our responsibilities

Rate enquiries

If you have any rates enquiries please contact the Otago Regional Council, office hours Mon - Fri 8.30am to 5.00pm using the details below.  Please quote your assessment number when contacting Council about your rates.  Do not wait until the penalty date before raising enquiries.

Telephone (ORC telephone numbers)

Dunedin:   (03) 474 0827
Alexandra:  (03) 448 8063
Toll Free:  0800 474 082

Write to us

Otago Regional Council
Private Bag 1954

Email us

You can email us at  or click the email us link below to fill out a rate enquiry form through email.

Email us

Visit us

Find the location of a Regional Council office

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Read frequently asked questions (FAQ) about rates

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