As a country, we create a lot of waste. Each month, New Zealanders dispose of enough rubbish to fill a rugby field 30 stories high. Sixty-five percent of the average rubbish bag could be recycled or composted.

Waste is everyone's problem and we all need to take responsibility for the rubbish we create.

ORC sets out rules on waste minimisation for Otago. These are outlined in our publication - Regional Plan: Waste.

Read more about the Regional Plan: Waste

Waste disposal and recycling services operate throughout the region. Check the facilities available near you and help reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites.

Find out about recycling in your area  
Find out about stock effluent disposal in Otago

The Reduce Your Rubbish campaign is a joint initiative between the Ministry for the Environment and ORC.

Visit the Reduce Your Rubbish website

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