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Lake Wilkie Swamp


Approximate Location


A wetland on the coastal terrace behind Tautuku Beach and part of the lower Tautuku River Valley. 1


Swamp 2


2.1 ha


0 - 20 m above sea level

Approximate location:

1 km Southwest of the intersection of Tautuku Beach Road and Chaslands Highway, Papatowai.
NZTM (centre point): E1327180 N4835320

Regional Plan:  Water for Otago

Schedule 9 Regionally Significant Wetland, no.78, Map F32.

Territorial Authority:

Clutha District Council

Recorded Values:




High degree of wetland naturalness. 2


Scarce in Otago in terms of its ecological or physical character. Scarce wetland type. Lake Wilkie possesses an important example of a hydrarch succession from Eleocharis at the lake margin to mature podocarp (Podocarpus sp.)-rata-kāmahi (Weinmannia racemosa) forest. Bog lakes are unusual on the east coast of the South Island. 1 Less than 15% of swamps and marshes remain in Otago. 2

A1 - A3, A6 - A9

No relevant information is currently held by the ORC.


Other Information:

  • Lake Wilkie is listed as a Significant Wetland in the Clutha District Plan, where it is described as a lowland lake, flax swamp and podocarp (Podocarpus sp.) forest. 37

Aerial view Lake Wilki Swamp (March 2006)
Aerial View of Lake Wilki Swamp (March 2006)

Lake Wilki Swamp (December 2005)
Lake Wilki Swamp (December 2005) 94

Updated: October 2011

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