Climate and Pasture and Grow Otago

Grow Otago is a comprehensive online database of historical soil and climate information.

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Useful links for Climate and Pasture information

Daily soil moisture and evaporation data
This can be found for several sites across Otago on the ORC website:

Rainfall and river flow data
This can be found on the ORC Waterinfo pages:

Weekly rainfall and river flow reports
These are available from the ORC website:

The monthly climate review and climate outlook
This can still be found as a free service on the NIWA website:

Landcare Research Soil maps (S-Maps)
The Landcare Research soil maps (S-Maps) describe the soil types in New Zealand. They can help you get the best from your land. To find out about the soil types on your property click the link below.

Climate and Pasture archives 

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