Regional policies, plans, strategies and bylaws

Water Quality Strategy 2017

March 2017

The ORC is currently developing a Water Quality Strategy, focusing on delivering a comprehensive and integrated approach for achieving community’s aspirations on water quality. This strategy will...

Regional Policy Statement

October 2016

The Regional Policy Statement (RPS) sets the direction for future management of Otago's natural and physical resources. It provides the foundation for development of regional plans and district...

Regional Plan: Water

March 2016

The Regional Plan: Water for Otago (the Water Plan) assists us in managing Otago's water resources.  If you want to carry out an activity involving water or a land use activity that may affect wate...

Flood Protection Management Bylaw 2012

November 2012

The Otago Regional Council Flood Protection Management Bylaw become operative on 1 September 2012. This Bylaw replaced the Flood Protection Management Bylaw 2008.

Rural Water Quality Strategy

August 2012

ORC’s Rural Water Quality Strategy – Good Water, Good Farming – aims to ensure that Otago’s waterways remain healthy.  Proposed revisions to the Otago Water Plan to implement the strategy include...

Milton 2060

July 2012

The Otago Regional Council and Clutha District Council adopted the Milton 2060 flood risk strategy in July 2012.

Regional Plan: Coast

January 2012

The Regional Plan: Coast for Otago (the Coast Plan) assists us in managing the resources of Otago's coastal marine area.  If you want to carry out an activity in Otago's coastal marine area, you mu...

Urban Water Quality Strategy

August 2010

This strategy will address urban non-point source pollution in Otago, and help ensure that improvements are made throughout the region. This will involve consultation with a wide range of key parti...

Pest Management Strategy

August 2009

The Pest Management Strategy for Otago contains objectives, rules and methods for addressing certain plant and animal pests in Otago. Find out about the strategy and how to get a copy.

Regional Plan : Air

January 2009

The Regional Plan: Air for Otago (the Air Plan) assists us in managing Otago's air resource.  If you want to carry out an activity that discharges contaminants to air, you must comply with the rule...

Regional Plan: Waste

April 1997

The Regional Plan: Waste for Otago (the Waste Plan) assists us in managing Otago's waste issues.  If you want to carry out an activity specifically addressed by the Waste Plan, you must comply with...

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