Otago Regional Council policy on dangerous dams

The Building Act 2004 introduced legislation for managing the safety of existing and new dams in New Zealand. Under this Act, regional councils must have a policy on how they will deal with dangerous dams, earthquake-prone dams and flood-prone dams in their region, and how the policy will apply to heritage dams.

View a copy of the policy on dangerous dams, earthquake-prone dams, and flood-prone dams

The policy applies only to dams in Otago and was intended to take effect three months after the government regulations came into force. The Government has revoked the dam safety regulations, and will not be developing the regulations needed to give effect to the policy.

Other regional councils’ policies on dangerous dams ?

Each regional council has its own policy on dangerous dams.

View Environment Southland's policy on dangerous dams in Southland.

Guidance on the safe operation of dams, as published by the New Zealand Society on Large Dams.

View more information on dams and to read the definition of a dangerous dam as specified by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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