Freshwater Farm Plan Mapping Tool

The ORC mapping tool allows farmers to draw their own boundary and identify the layers it intersects. It is interactive, similar to the maps available on the CCCV pages. The tool also allows for maps to be printed as PDF files which may be required for the FWFPs or consultants.


Use the mapping tool below to draw a boundary of your farm

When you submit the survey, you will be emailed five indicative maps based on CCCV values around the farm boundary drawn.  You will also receive a shapefile that can be added to an interactive map that can be used to create and print more maps: Freshwater Farm Plan Layers

When you go to the Freshwater Farm Plan Layers page you will see a guide on how to complete this:

This map includes layers that can be used to assist in creating Freshwater Farm Plan maps.
To use the map:
    • Click on features in the map to see information.
    • Use the Layers tool to turn on or off layers in the map.
    • Use the Add Data tool to add your own layers.
    • Download and print maps using the Print tool.
More detailed instructions are available to download here: Instructions for Otago Maps.


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