How do I apply for a building consent?

To apply for a consent for building work in Otago, Southland, or the West Coast, you must complete an application form. The same form is used for all three regions.

Download a Building Consent application form 

Your application must be accompanied by a deposit toward the cost of processing. This cost usually exceeds the deposit, and you will be charged for all costs that exceed the deposit.

All cheques should be made out to Otago Regional Council, even for building work in Southland and on the West Coast.

Project Information Memorandum

If you've already applied for and received a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) from us, Environment Southland, or the West Coast Regional Council, and one from your district or city council, these should be attached to the application. Even though obtaining the two PIMs is voluntary, it's recommended you do so, review the information provided with them, and consider this information as part of your design.

Information that must be included with your application

The application must be signed by the owner or the owner's appointed agent and be accompanied by the following information:

  1. Schedule of documents with the following information specified: document title, document date, document version number, and originator.

  2. Two hard copies of a design report stating data obtained and employed, design/checking methods and assumptions made including:
    a. Potential Impact Classification (PIC)
    b. Loading parameters
    c. Flood and freeboard considerations
    d. Seismic considerations
    e. Geotechnical considerations
    f. Stability or structural considerations
    g. Reservoir hazard considerations
    h. Flow control considerations
    i. Appurtenant structures
    j. Conduits
    k. Evidence of compliance with each relevant clause of the building code (Building Regulations 1992).

  3. Two hard copies of specification for construction

  4. Two hard copies of construction inspection schedule

  5. Two hard copies of drawings to construction standard including:
    a. location and site plan
    b. general arrangement
    c. foundations plan (including abutments)
    d. typical cross-sections
    e. long-section on dam centreline.

  6. Project Information Memorandum (issued by the territorial authority)

  7. Project Information Memorandum (issued by the regional authority)

  8. Development contribution notice

  9. Resource consent notice

  10. Certificate attached to Project Information Memorandum

Information in electronic form, such as on a CD or attached as a PDF to an email, will not be accepted. In accordance with Section 4(2) of the Building Act 2004, the plans (drawings) and specifications must be sufficient to result in building work that (if built to those plans and specifications) complies with the building code.

Applications that contain any drawings or specifications that do not meet this standard will not be accepted for processing.

Send the completed form and supporting information and payment for the deposit to:

Otago Regional Council
Private Bag 1954

Or deliver it in person to:

Otago Regional Council
70 Stafford Street

Otago Regional Council
William Fraser Building
Dunorling Street

Environment Southland
Cnr North Rd and Price St

West Coast Regional Council
388 Main South Rd

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