Pest Control 

Some plants and animals can impact on our environment, which in turn can hurt tourism and agriculture. Together, we need to manage pests to protect our ecosystems and economy.

Please note:  Otago’s Pest Management Plan is currently being reviewed. Click here for more information.

Pest management helps prevent the spread and impact of pest animals and plants in Otago. The Pest Management Plan targets a range of pest plants and animals. We conduct research and monitoring exercises, as well as providing advice on best practice, and landowner and land occupier obligations. 

If you're a land occupier, you are responsible for ensuring you control pest plants and animals in accordance with the rules in the Pest Management Plan. 


Animal Pests

Animal pests are usually competitive and adaptable - they can threaten natural ecosystems and commercial crops. Pest animals that are controlled in Otago are described below. 

Plant Pests

Pest plants threaten the survival of native plants and even some native animals, they are also a threat to commercial crops.

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