Banana Passionfruit 

Large infestations of the banana passionfruit vine are apparent on roadsides and in bush areas of coastal Otago. It is also frequently found as an ornamental creeper in private gardens

Banana Passionfruit

Banana passionfruit invades bush edges and shrublands. This vigorous vine is capable of climbing into the tree canopy and forming large masses which overtop and smother the supporting trees. Extensive infestations alter light levels, which can kill mature trees and prevent the establishment of native species.

Banana passionfruit is an evergreen vine, with three lobed, shiny green leaves with toothed edges and soft hairs underneath. Large, hanging pink star-shape flowers are produced in summer. The fruit is large, ripening to yellow. The fruit is very attractive to birds and possums who eat it and spread the seed.

Management and control 

Dig out small plants and remove all roots. Alternatively cut vines and immediately paint stump with one of the following: Escort, Tordon, Vigilant gel, Grazon or Banvine. Leave vines on trees to minimise damage to supporting plants. Put cuttings in a bag and leave in sun to cook before disposing. Control is best undertaken before fruit is set.

Disclaimer: Mention of product tradenames does not endorse these products nor implies criticism of similar products not mentioned. Otago Regional Council does not give any warranty that the information is accurate or complete or that it is suitable for all circumstances.

Use herbicides at application rates recommended by the manufacturer and wear protective clothing.

Control of a pest plant is not a one-off task. Follow up action must be regularly undertaken, for example, checking a cleared site for regrowth and seedling establishment. Stumps may resprout. Plant a friendly alternative such as native Clematis or Parsonsia (native jasmine) species.

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