WallabyWallabies have the potential to significantly impact on the Otago economy and local biodiversity values. They compete with livestock for pasture and damage crops. Wallabies stop native bush regeneration and harm young trees.

We need your help to get rid of this pest. Report any wallaby kills or sightings on the form at the bottom of this page.

There is currently no known breeding population of wallabies in Otago, however we know they are spreading into our region.

Naseby wallaby operation area

Click here to see a map of the 2018 Naseby wallaby operation.


Wallaby Video

This video below shows locations of where wallabies have been spotted and killed in the Otago Region (as at March 2017).

Wallaby control

The Otago Pest Plan requires land occupiers in Otago to destroy wallabies on their land.

You must also notify us within two days of seeing wallabies or signs of wallabies. This is so we can investigate the wider area and implement control measures as required.

Find out more about wallaby control in our guidebook.

Wallaby Guidebook.


Wallaby sighting form

Please fill in the form below to report any wallaby kills or sightings.

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