Fish and Flow Portal

Our Fish and Flow portal displays the information that we have on permits to take water (including deemed permits/mining privileges), freshwater fish values, river flow information, and water races on or near properties in Otago.

If you need to replace a deemed permit (mining privilege) with a water permit before it expires in 2021, this portal may help you identify some of the things you need to consider and include in your water permit application. It can help you work out what, or who could be affected by the water you take.

Please be aware that the portal only displays information that Otago Regional Council has. Iwi and other organisations such as DoC or Fish and Game may also have useful information that could assist with your application.

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You can view the user manual here.

If you want to make a request for flow data specifically, please click the link below.


Fish Survey Maps

We have arranged fish survey work on waterways with deemed or water permits, where there is currently a lack of fish data.  There are approximately 180 sites to be surveyed between March and June 2018 and can be viewed in the maps below (click on the map to enlarge).  Fish survey locations are shown on the maps as a blue dots, Yellow Dot yellow dots are deemed permits and Red Dot red dots are RMA water permits.

The information will be entered into the NZ Freshwater Fish database, which will then be available on our Fish and Flow portal.  The information will assist you in your application to replace your deemed permit or renew an RMA water permit.

If you would like further information about the fish surveys please contact us on 0800 474 082 and talk to Bruce Monaghan or Nicole Foote.


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