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Managing our Environment

Clutha District

Below are the wetlands situated in the Clutha District:

1. Akatore Creek Swamp
10. Black Swamp
11. Blackcleugh Burn Swamp
13. Blair Fen
14. Blair Swamp
17. Bungtown Bog
19. Camp Stream Swamp
21. Cannibal Bay Road Swamp
22. Catlins River Wetland
24. Cheetwood Road Wetlands
27. Clifton Hill Marshes
28. Clutha Matau Wetlands
29. Clutha River Mouth Lagoon
33. Culcairn Oxbow Marsh
38. Dunvegan Fen Complex
39. East Benhar Swamp
41. False Islet Wetland Management Area
43. Finegand Lagoon Marsh
47. Frasers Stream Headwaters Marsh Complex
51. Glendhu Swamp
54. Governors Point Swamp
56. Harrington Mill Road Swamp
59. Hazeldale Fens
62. Hukihuki Swamp
63. Hungerford Point Saltmarsh
67. John O'Groats Hill Fen
74. Kuriwao Saddle Fen Complex
77. Lake Tuakitoto Wetland
78. Lake Wilkie Swamp
81. Lenz Reserve Wetlands
84. Loch Loudon Fen Complex
85. Loch Luella Fen Complex
87. Lower Coutts Gully Swamp
91. Macfarlane Road Oxbow Swamp
92. Maclennan River Podocarp Swamp Complex
94. Malones Dam Margins
95. Marana Swamp
103. Measly Beach Wetland Complex
109. Molyneux Bay Swamp
117. Otanomomo Tuatiki Reserve
124. Pomahaka River Oxbow Marsh (Dalvey School Road)
125. Pomahaka River Oxbow Marsh (Koi Creek)
126. Ratanui Swamp
131. Rocky Hill Tidal Marshes
132. Samson Hill Marshes
139. Stirling Marsh Complex
140. Stuarts Marsh
144. Tahakopa Bay Podocarp Swamp
145. Tahakopa Marsh Complex
146. Tahakopa River Bogs
148. Tautuku River Mouth Marsh
151. Three Stones Fen Complex
153. Tokomairiro River Swamp
157. Trig Y Fens
158. Two Stone Hill Stream Swamp
160. Upper Tahakopa Swamps
167. Waipori/Waihola Wetland Complex
168. Wairepo Creek Marsh Complex
170. Willowburn Bog
172. Cairn Road Bog
Coutts Gully Swamp
Three Stones Fen Complex
Waipori/Waihola Wetland Complex


Clutha District wetlands map

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