Draft Regional Swimming Targets for Otago


In 2017, Government amended the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (Freshwater NPS) to better reflect the people’s desire for rivers and lakes to be suitable for swimming.

National targets that 80% of specified rivers and lakes* will be swimmable by 2030 and 90% by 2040 were added to the Freshwater NPS.

The Freshwater NPS requires councils to set draft regional swimming targets by 31 March 2018 and final targets by the end of the 2018, which will contribute to the national swimming targets.

Draft targets

Draft regional swimming targets for Otago are shown in the table below:

Percent of specified rivers and lakes* swimmable – 2017 and draft targets for 2030 & 2040

Date Rivers Lakes
2017 (modelled) 79 98
2030 95 100
2040 100 100

*Specified rivers are 4th order and above and specified lakes have a perimeter of 1.5 km or greater. For further explanation see Appendix 6 of the NPSFM.

Note: Swimmable is defined in the Freshwater NPS by the lowest rating for rivers and lakes on the E. coli and cyanobacteria (if applicable) attributes from Appendix 2 of the NPSFM.

Public consultation

During September and October we asked the public for feedback on the proposed swimming targets for Otago. Thank you for taking the time to do our online survey. Please see below an infographic summary of the results:

Further information

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