Bus, car or rocket?

30 January 2020

We know that Dunedin hosts several large events throughout the year, from hugely popular music concerts and sports games at Forsyth Barr Stadium to community events and shows around the Octagon.

Next week, the original rocket man Elton John is in town, followed by Queen with Adam Lambert.

Parking is at a premium during these events and the roads become very congested. Thousands of visitors flock to our beautiful city, many of whom have driven from nearby towns and districts.

This is the perfect opportunity to ditch the car and catch the bus to the concert and back. Here are some of the reasons why the bus is best:

  • The Dunedin Orbus network connects across the city via the central city Bus Hub.
  • The Bus Hub is approximately a 20-minute walk to Forsyth Barr Stadium, and a 5-minute walk to the Octagon.
  • There are Dunedin City Council shuttles running from the central city to Forsyth Barr for both events.
  • The Dunedin City Council is providing free or gold coin-donation buses home. These run on three special routes to the Northern suburbs, Southern Dunedin and a more direct service to Mosgiel. Check out the maps at the event page dunedinnz.com/visit/february-events-guide
  • It’s fun catching a bus to and from the event with fellow event goers.
  • If you do park, you will probably still have to walk between 10 and 20 minutes from a park to get to the stadium.
  • If you have a GoCard, you get discounted travel. Students and Supergold card holders also get discounts.

It’s exciting when big celebrities come to Dunedin, and it’s made even better when we can all get around easily.


Drivers of December and January

Our new top drivers have been nominated. Congratulations to Gabriel Manunui from Go Bus and Drew Bhagat from Ritchies. We’re looking forward to meeting with them to find out why users have nominated them. 

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