Return of electoral donations and expenses

Notes and definitions of donations and expenses:

  1. All candidates in elections held under the provisions of the Local Electoral Act 2001 must file a return of all electoral donations and expenses. If no donations were received or expenses incurred, a Nil return must be made.
  2. All candidates are required to keep proper records of donations received and expenses paid for election work. These do not have to be filed with this return but must be available to support enquiries about the return if required.
  3. Donations can be monetary or physical goods or services supplied or a combination thereof.
  4. Donations to a candidate of labour only or donations of goods and services that have a fair market value of $300 or less do not have to be declared - see S103A of the LEA 2001.
  5. Candidates must declare donations from each contributor that exceed $1500 in value. Where a contributor has made donations in instalments that sum to more than $1500 in value, each contributing donation needs to be listed in Section A2 and the aggregated sum shown.
  6. If there is insufficient space provided in any section, attach a separate sheet with the additional detail.


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