How to vote in local elections

Have your say on who represents you in your community.

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Why you should vote

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How to vote

Voting locations (including for Special Votes)

Post Box locations

Who can vote

You can vote in the local elections if you are on the electoral roll and live in the Otago region or own property here.

If you live outside the Otago region but own property here, you can also vote.


Key dates

  • Voting starts 16 September 2022
  • Voting closes 8 October 2022 12 noon
  • Progress results published 8 October
  • Preliminary results published 9 October 2022
  • Final results published 13 October 2022
  • Final results declared in public notice 19 October 2022


Why you should vote

By voting in your local body elections, you have your say on who will make decisions on Otago's future for the next three years. 

Otago Regional Council is responsible for promoting the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of the region.

Our work covers all of Otago and our focus is on the environment and natural resources:

  • Setting policies and rules to protect Otago’s water, land and air resources
  • Monitoring the environment – collecting data and knowledge to inform decision making
  • Responding to environmental incidents
  • Taking a lead role in pest management
  • Taking an active role in minimising risks from natural hazards
  • Keeping you safe along our coast and on our lakes and rivers through our Harbourmaster function
  • Civil Defence Emergency Management
  • Providing public transport in Dunedin and Queenstown (Orbus)
  • Providing support to community groups for environmental enhancement
  • Taking a lead role in responding to issues that affect Otago, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and urban development

Learn more about the work we do:

Our roles and responsibilities
Our Long Term Plan 2021-2031

Candidate profiles

With candidates for the Otago Regional Council in the 2022 local government elections announced,  interim ORC Chief Executive Dr Pim Borren recommends voters take the time to do their research.

“Check out the candidate profiles, find out what they stand for, and vote,” says Dr Borren.

Apart from Moeraki, where Kevin Malcolm will be elected unopposed, there are 23 candidates for 11 vacancies, spread over the Dunedin, Dunstan (Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes areas) and Molyneux (Clutha and parts of Dunedin) constituencies.


How to vote

If you enrolled prior to 12 August, your voting papers will arrive between 16-21 September. 

Vote by posting your voting papers back at any street or post-office mailbox by 4 October.

After 4 October votes must be returned to council’s secure ballot boxes located in libraries, territorial authority service centres and other public locations across Otago.

If you haven't received your voting papers

If your voting papers have not arrived in the post – as you may have recently changed address or you are on the unpublished electoral roll or you enrolled to vote after 12 August 2022 – please visit your local city or district council office where you can obtain special voting papers.

If you haven't enrolled to vote

You will need to make a special vote. You can enrol up to 4pm 7 October at your local city or district council office.

Check your enrolment details

To make a special vote, please visit your local city or district council office in person - Central Otago District Council, Clutha District Council, Queenstown Lakes District Council or Dunedin City Council.


Voting locations (including for Special Votes)


Special votes can be made in person at the DCC’s Plaza Meeting Room, Ground floor of the Civic Centre in the Octagon from 8:30 am to 5pm daily, 16 Sept to 7 October and 8:30am to noon, Saturday, 8 October.

Travelling special voting booth

A travelling special voting booth will be moving around the city during the voting period beginning Tues, 27 September

Dates and locations of DCC special voting booth

Voting bins

For the first time, this election features a range of bright orange secure voting bins for eligible voters to drop off their completed papers through midday Friday, 7 October.

These can be found at:

Special votes can be made in person during normal business hours from 16 September to 7 October at:

Alexandra Council office

Cromwell Service Centre

Ranfurly Service Centre

Roxburgh Service Centre

Special voting and collection of votes can be done on Saturday, 8 October until noon at the main Alexandra office.

Special votes can be made in person during normal business hours from 16 September to 7 October and until noon on Saturday 8 October. at:

  • Queenstown office, 10 Gorge Road
  • Wānaka office, 47 Ardmore St

A polling place for the issuing of special voting documents and for the receiving of completed voting documents will be available from Friday 16 September to noon Saturday 8 October at:


Post Box locations

Ballots may also be posted from any NZ Post Post Box located across the region.

For help finding your nearest Post Box, use the NZ Post locator.

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