Strategic Directions

Our mission Te Kaupapa

Enriching life in a way that ensures positive relationships between environment, people and place, now and for our future

Whakahaumakohia te ao kia whiria te taura ora ki waeka i te taiao, i te tai-takata, i te tai-whenua mō nāianei, mō te āpōpō hoki

Our vision for Otago Tā mātau whaika ki Ōtākou

  • Communities that connect with, and care for, Otago’s environment
  • Communities that are resilient in the face of natural hazards, climate change and other risks
  • Sustainable, safe and inclusive transport
  • An environment that supports healthy people and ecosystems
  • Te Ao Māori and Mātauranga Kāi Tahu are embedded in Otago communities
  • A sustainable way of life for everyone in Otago

What we will do Ka aha mātau

Protect, Connect, Enhance, Enable
Ka tāwharau, ka whakahona, ka whakaniko, ka whakamana

The wellbeing of Otago’s communities - now and in the future - is at the heart of what we do.

We will enhance environmental management in Otago by:

  • Taking an integrated catchment management approach;
  • Putting more emphasis on spatial planning;
  • Enhancing access to and communication of data and knowledge.

Vision for ORC Te whāika ki ORC

Otago’s communities, through engagement, trust us to make well-informed decisions and enable solutions.

Our values Ō mātau uara

  • Accountable
  • Collaborative
  • Caring
  • Trustworthy
  • Creative
  • Open and honest

Our commitments Ō mātau haepapa

  • Focus on customer needs
  • Implement central government directions in the regional context
  • Deliver integrated environmental management
  • Effectively engage communities
  • Collaborate to deliver
  • Partner with mana whenua and make Mātauranga Kāi Tahu an integral part of our decision-making
  • Make decisions that are evidence-based and timely

Enabling a high-performing organisation through: Whakaritea ana he ohu e mahi tika rawa ana mā:

  • An engaged, resilient and inclusive workforce
  • Prudent, fair, and transparent financial management
  • Continuous improvements to information management, business processes and technology
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