Annual Plan

Annual Plans provide a process for the ORC and community to review the detailed budgets contained in the Long-term Plan (LTP).

The ORC decides if significant changes are occurring to the LTP and then the level and nature of engagement with the community. If significant changes occur ORC will consult more formally.

Annual plans are prepared in the two years between Long-term Plans.

The Annual Plan 2019-20 did not vary significantly from the LTP and so formal consultation was not required.

This year, we’re focusing on our priorities and how we’ll fund them. This renewed focus has resulted in an increase in the rating requirement for 2019-20, compared to that stated in our LTP. You can check the impact on your rates by using our rates estimator calculator.



Our number one priority is water – we all need it to live and we all need to work together to look after it. We’re reviewing our regional Water Plan, which sets out rules about how we manage water in Otago, commencing this year. The revised plan will acknowledge the principle of Te Mana o te Wai, which recognises the health of our waterbodies, ecosystems and people, and ensures we are compliant with the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

We’re taking a staged approach to the Water Plan review, starting with plan changes in the Arrow, Cardrona and Manuherikia catchments. We’ll work with each community to determine catchment values, before we set objectives and limits for waterways to realise those values. To do this well we need your help and we encourage you to join us at our values discussions.


Climate Change

Climate change is here. It’s impacting our weather, our assets and our lifestyle, which is why we are fast-tracking our work programme this year to get a better understanding of the impacts across all of Otago. This will help inform how we, as a community, can plan for climate change.


Urban Development

With increasing numbers of people settling in Otago, we have a responsibility to take a strong leadership role on urban growth issues. We’re reviewing our Regional Policy Statement this year, to give more direction and guidance on future development. Our requirement to minimise the impacts of urban development on our water quality is increasing, as is ensuring natural hazards and climate change are accounted for. To ensure urban development impacts are managed, we are combining making submissions on plans and policies with greater attention on compliance in developing areas. For example, we are increasing our compliance leadership and staffing numbers across the Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Districts.



Biodiversity in Otago is important for all of us. With so many native species and unique landscapes here in Otago, we all need to do our bit to look after them. The revised Pest Plan comes into effect soon; this will help us protect biodiversity by managing pest plants and animals that can have a negative impact on our ecosystems. A biodiverse environment is a resilient environment and with your help we can ensure Otago thrives.


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