Annual Plans

Annual Plans provide a process for the ORC to review the detailed budgets contained in the Long-term Plan 2021-31 (LTP). The nature and level of change to the LTP is of interest to the community and influences the way we reach out. Let us know if you think we should carry on with the programme as already agreed with the community. 

Proposed Annual Plan 2022-23

We have drafted an Annual Plan that reflects a review of the detailed financial budgets in year two of our Long-term Plan (LTP).

The Council has decided to engage with the community and this is now occurring via our online platform, Your Say.

While no significant change is proposed to the LTP agreed back in June last year, there are some adjustments and people’s financial views may have changed. Therefore, public feedback is now open until 6 May 2022.


Previous Annual Plans


Annual Plan 2021-2022 (Year 1 of the LTP)


Annual Plan 2020-21


Engagement document for the Proposed Annual Plan


Annual Plan 2019-20

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