Draft Long Term Plan for 2018-2028

The long-term plan outlines our intended activities over the next 10 years and includes estimates of how much they cost and how the Council plans to pay for them. It gets updated every three years to make sure it is still relevant  and importantly, for you to have your say.

To be able to deliver on our vision for a sustainable and prosperous Otago, we need a clear plan for the future. We've factored our best knowledge and assumptions about what’s around the corner into our long-term plan – and now we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

This is your opportunity to tell us what you think. Please read For Our Future the consultation document for our proposed plan for the next ten years. It outlines the main issues and key proposals that we want your feedback on. 

Your Say

We have introduced our new online engagement platform 'Your Say', which makes it easy for you to find out all the information on the Draft Long Term Plan.

Your Say


For our Future

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