Proposed RPS 21 (Freshwater parts) Hearing

On this page you will find all the information related to the hearing of submissions on the Proposed RPS (Freshwater parts).

Hearings Panel

The Chief Freshwater Commissioner has appointed a panel to hear submissions on the proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement (Freshwater parts).

The members of the panel are:

  • Ron Crosby – Chair and Freshwater Commissioner
  • Bianca Sullivan – ORC nominated panel member
  • Allan Cubitt - ORC nominated panel member
  • Rauru Kirikiri - tangata whenua nominated panel member.


Notice of Hearing


Hearing Panel Minutes and Decisions

Minute 1 dated 10 May 2023

Minute 2 dated 29 May 2023

Minute 3 dated 1 June 2023


Parties Correspondence with Panel

Memorandum of Counsel for Otago Regional Council regarding timetable dated 25 May 2023

Memorandum of Counsel for Central Otago Wine Growers Association dated 31 May 2023


Section 42A Report and Evidence

Section 42A Report dated 2 June 2023

Section 42A Report Provisions dated 2 June 2023

Section 42A Report Appendices dated 2 June 2023

Parties’ Primary Evidence


Parties’ Rebuttal Evidence


Parties’ Material Presented at Hearing


Required documents

The documents here are all those required to be submitted by the Otago Regional Council to the Chief Freshwater Commissioner by s80A(4)(c) of the Resource Management Act 1991 and Clause 37(1) of the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991.

Proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement 2021

Read the proposed FPI parts of RPS 21 as a PDF


Section 32 Evaluation Report


Submissions on Proposed RPS 21 (FPI Parts)


Summary of Decisions Requested


Further submissions

Read all Further Submissions received


Schedule of Submissions or Further Submissions received after the closing date

  • View list of all Submissions and Further Submissions received after the closing date


Planning documents recognised by iwi


Obligations concerning iwi participation

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