Partially Operative Otago Regional Policy Statement 2019

Appeals are now resolved on several provisions in the proposed Otago Regional Policy Statement. On 12 December 2018, Council approved these provisions to become operative from 14 January 2019. Further information on the review can be found here.

Some provisions in the proposed regional policy statement (RPS) are still subject to legal proceedings. However, many are either not under appeal, or have been resolved through negotiation and approved by the court.

ORC has made the resolved provisions, and those not appealed, operative from 14 January 2019. This will provide more certainty for other planning and consenting processes going on around Otago.

Because the proposed RPS will be only partially operative, several provisions in the existing Regional Policy Statement for Otago 1998 will remain operative. Those can be found here


The RPS provides an overview of the resource management issues facing Otago. It sets policies and methods to manage Otago's natural and physical resources, that promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.

The Regional Policy Statement does not contain rules. It establishes the framework for Otago's regional and district plans.

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