Dunstan Rohe

The Dunstan Rohe is part of the Clutha/Mata-au Freshwater Management Unit (FMU). For more information about FMUs, click here.

Consultation on waterway management for the whole of the Dunstan Rohe is likely to take place sometime after 2021, and we will be in touch with communities in the area nearer the time.

The Arrow and Cardrona River catchments form part of the Dunstan Rohe. These communities have already begun the process of identifying values and objectives as part of their collaborative work with ORC to set minimum flows for these rivers. This work will now fold into the new FMU process and be part of the water plan review for this area.

During 2019 and 2020 ORC worked with the Cardrona and Arrow catchment communities to develop new frameworks for managing waterways in their areas, starting with finding out the values the communities have for their waterways. 

Click here to see a summary of community values collected for the Arrow River and its aquifers and the Cardrona River and its aquifers.


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