Manuherekia Reference Group

We have formed a Manuherekia Reference Group (MRG) to get input into the Manuherekia Rohe plan, which will become a chapter of our new Land and Water Regional Plan.

The MRG has representatives from Department of Conservation, Forest and Bird, Central Otago District Council, Fish and Game, the Central Otago Environmental Society and irrigators. Read the Terms of Reference for the MRG here.

The MRG is chaired by an independent chairperson, who facilitates discussion about community and stakeholder interests and aspirations for the Manuherekia Rohe. These discussions will help ORC with the development of options for how the river could be managed in the future.

Each member of the group brings a different perspective of the Manuherekia catchment to meetings, including environmental, social, economic and cultural perspectives. The group acknowledges that water management in the rohe is complex. 

The MRG is developing an inter-generational vision for managing water in the Manuherekia Rohe, and will be working with ORC to seek feedback from the wider community on different options. 


Who are the members of the MRG?

Alec Neill (Independent Chairperson)
Andrew Newman, Consultant Lead
Tim Cadogan (Mayor Central Otago District) 
Tracy Paterson (Central Otago District Council)
John Roberts (Department of Conservation)
Trudy Anderson (Department of Conservation)
Herb Familton (Department of Conservation)
Niall Watson (Fish and Game)
Nigel Paragreen (Fish and Game)
Anna Gillespie (Irrigator Collectives)
Jan Manson (Irrigator Collectives)

Ken Gillespie (Irrigator Collectives)
Roger Williams (Omakau Irrigation Company)
Chelsea Wallace (Southern District Health Board)
Ray Wright (Central Otago Environmental Society)
Matt Sole (Central Otago Environmental Society)
Graye Shattky (Central Otago Environmental Society)
Ben Goddard (Forest & Bird)
Anne Steven (Forest & Bird)
Cr Andrew Noone (Otago Regional Council)
Cr Kevin Malcolm (Otago Regional Council)

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