Proposed Water Quality Plan Changes

Otago Regional Council (ORC) has prepared two plan changes addressing

  • specific activities known to be, or likely to be contributing to water quality issues in parts of Otago, and
  • significant gaps in the rule and policy framework for managing contaminant discharges to water.

These plan changes, which were previously referred to as the Omnibus Plan Change, or the Water Quality Plan Changes for working title purposes, are:

  • Proposed Plan Change 8 (Discharge Management) to the Regional Plan: Water for Otago (Water Plan) and
  • Proposed Plan Change 1 (Dust Suppressants and Landfills) to the Regional Plan: Waste for Otago (Waste Plan).

ORC was advised on 8 April 2020 that the Minister for the Environment has called in Proposed Plan Change 8 to the Water Plan and Proposed Plan Change 1 to the Waste Plan.


Notification and submissions

Because the proposed plan changes have been “called in” by the Minister for the Environment, they will be notified by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).  

The EPA has not set a notification date.

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