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Channel Morphology

The terms river or channel morphology are used to describe the shapes of river channels and how they change in shape and direction over time. Read more


Groundwater is a source of recharge for lakes, rivers, and wetlands. It's found underground in the spaces and cracks in the soil, sand, and rock and it moves slowly through geologic formations called aquifers. Read more

Natural Hazards

A natural hazard is a situation where a natural event has the potential to cause harm or loss. We help Otago’s territorial authorities with the management of natural hazards in their areas through collaborative initiatives such as the Queenstown Lakes Flood Management Strategy, and the Milton 2060 Strategy. Read more

Water Quality

We carry our monthly State of the Environment (SOE) water quality testing. Our SOE sampling sites around Otago generally focus on areas at the bottom of catchments so we can make informed decisions about the wider catchment area. Read more


We’re responsible for managing Otago’s ambient air quality and carrying out long-term continuous monitoring as part of our State of the Environment (SOE) programme. Read more

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