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Air Quality Strategy for Otago

We have developed the air quality strategy to:

  • Set out the outcomes we want to achieve for Otago
  • Ensure that, through our work programme, ORC has a coherent approach to achieve these outcomes

What is the air plan?

The Regional Plan: Air (air plan) sets out rules for activities that might affect air quality, such as discharges from domestic properties/industry, dust, odour, chemical sprays, outdoor burning and transport emissions.

Good air quality is important not only for clean-smelling air and good visibility, but also our health.

Otago’s air plan is ten years old and it’s time for ORC to review it. While air quality has improved over this time, there’s room for it to be even better. We want to make sure the air is safe to breathe for everyone, and at any time. 

We want your feedback

We invite you to have your say on our air quality strategy. You can read the strategy by clicking on the PDF above.

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