Biodiversity strategy

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We have developed a biodiversity strategy to:

  • Set out the outcomes we collectively want to achieve for Otago
  • Inform ORC work programmes
  • Establish a framework for working together


What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity (short for biological diversity) describes the variety of all living things. It includes the range of species, their genetics, and the ecosystems where they live. 

Biodiversity is essential for the functioning of ecosystems. It helps to sustain all life forms, including human.


Why has ORC developed a biodiversity strategy?

There are over 70 organisations already working in biodiversity management throughout Otago. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel, which is why we have developed a strategy that:

  • Covers the whole region
  • Coordinates our efforts so we can work collaboratively with other organisations and groups
  • Outlines the outcomes we collectively want to achieve for Otago
  • Sets out the biodiversity roles and activities that ORC will be involved in

How was the strategy developed?

To start the strategy development, we asked a consultant to report to us on:

  • Key features of Otago’s biodiversity
  • Organisations involved with its protection and enhancement
  • Views from these organisations about potential roles for ORC

You can check out the report below.

Strategic analysis of options to improve management of ecosystems and biodiversity for Otago Region

We also held a workshop with key stakeholders at the end of October 2017. This gave us a deeper understanding of how we can align the strategy with work these organisations are already doing, and created a foundation for us to work together.

Public consultation and feedback took place during November 2017, and this helped to shape the strategy and support biodiversity projects and activities that will come out of it.


Biodiversity flowchart


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