Initial Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2015 - 2021

These plans set out the strategic direction for land transport in Otago and Southland, and list activities for 2015-18 (by NZTA and local authorities) which are recommended by for funding from the National Land Transport Fund.

The Otago Regional Council approved the Otago plan on 22 April 2015.

The Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans (below) contains two plans combined into a single document: the Otago Regional Land Transport Plan 2015–2021 and the Southland Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2021 (referred to here as “the plans” or the RLTPs). This is the first time that Otago and Southland have jointly produced a regional land transport planning document.

Update to Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2015-21

A mid-term review of the Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2015 – 2021 has been carried out.

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Variations to the initial RLTPs

In March 2016, Council added a project to the Otago RLTP: 

Dunedin - Port Chalmers safety improvements (73 KB).

In June 2017, Council added two more projects to the Otago RLTP:  

Otago Regional Council Wakatipu Public Transport Improvements (77 KB) 

Clutha District Council Streetlight LED upgrade (77 KB).

In December 2017, Council added a further project to the Otago RLTP:

Queenstown Lakes District Council streetlight LED upgrade (68 KB) 


Project Update

The Regional Transport Committee receives a regular report on progress with implementation of the Improvement Projects included in the Regional Land Transport Plan. The following tables provide basic details on progress as at the date indicated.

RTC Meeting June 2018 (473 KB)

RTC Meeting 16 June 2017 (310 KB)

RTC Meeting 17 February 2017 (192 KB)

RTC Meeting 1 December 2016 (219 KB)

RTC Meeting 11 August 2016 (166 KB)

RTC Meeting 8 March 2016 (147 KB)



If you have any queries, please contact our transport team on 0800 474 082 or, or head to Environment Southland’s website (hyperlink to

The RLTP is only a recommendation to the NZTA. To see which Otago projects and activities that the NZTA has included in the 2015/18 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), click here, read the explanation of the content of the NLTP tables there, and then click on the link labelled ‘Regional Tables of activities’. Then, under the heading ‘Filters’, check the activity class(es) you want to see and under regions, check ‘Otago’.

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