GoCard Balance Transfer Information

Do you still have money left over on your GoCard?

We’re unable to provide cash refunds for any unused credit on your GoCard, however you can transfer your GoCard balance to your new Bee Card.  

We are also offering you the option to donate your GoCard balance which we will put toward a travel bank, where local Dunedin and Queenstown charities provide people in need with pre-loaded Bee Cards. 

Don't have a Bee Card yet? Go to beecard.co.nz to order your free card.

Transfers are available from the 28th of July, up to the end of October 2020.   

Have any questions? Give us a call or come in and see us.

Balance Transfer FAQS

 Please see the full list of Bee Card FAQs here

No, as long as you have your Bee Card and GoCard you can transfer credit. You might want to consider registering, though. There are benefits including topping up and setting an automatic top up function, loading concessions and linking to and managing other cards, such as family members.

From 28 July, you can order your Otago Bee Card online from BeeCard.co.nz.

We are also handing free cards out at demo days, on buses and at some retailers from the Otago Regional Council.

You'll be able to get and top up your Bee Card at the same place you topped up your GoCard, and you can also top up online.

Bee Cards ordered online will be free of charge during the promotional period during July, August and September.

Registering your Bee Card is quick and easy! It is not necessary to register, although it is recommended. Some perks of registering your card are: 

By registering your BeeCard, you have access to a number of additional benefits, including:

  1. The ability to top up online
  2. The ability to set up an auto top up – so you always have money on your card
  3. Load child or SuperGold Card concessions
  4. View your transactions and journey history
  5. Link other people’s cards to your account – so that you can top up cards for family members
  6. Cancel lost or stolen cards

This is a multi-agency service where people in Dunedin and Queenstown who need it most are supported with pre-loaded bus travel cards. If you have less than five dollars on your card, you might like to consider donating it to the travel bank to help those who need a little help. You can check your balance here.

While we transition to Bee, Super Gold travellers will still receive their concession without a Bee Card.

Going forward: Yes, you will need to have a Bee Card to access your Super Gold free off-peak travel concession. You’ll also need to ensure that your SuperGold concession is loaded onto your Bee Card.

After that, you won’t need to shoW your SuperGold Card to the driver when you board – but you will need to carry it with you to show on request.

For a period of time, the Bee Card will be free both in person and when ordered via the website. After the initial period, there will be a cost of $5.00 for a card.

If you get your card via the Bee Card website it will be sent directly to you in the mail. Card orders are processed within five working days and then delivered via standard mail service; delivery is only available to New Zealand addresses.

If your card hasn’t arrived within 10 working days, please contact your local customer service point.

Your personal information is kept secure. Your credit/debit card information is managed through a secure third party and not by any of the public transport operators of councils. Tag on information is reported on in an aggregate and anonymous manner for planning purposes, although individual trip information is retained in case of query or complaint. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

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