SuperGold Bee Card Information

If you are one of the thousands of SuperGold Card holders who has already gotten a Bee Card, thank you and good on you!  

If you haven’t got a card yet, you’ll need to get one.

The next step is to register your card, if you haven’t already. You must register it, even though bus travel is currently free. When you register and input your details, including your SuperGold card number, the card will recognise you are eligible for a concession.


  • By the end of the year, all bus networks across New Zealand will use an electronic smart card system. In Otago, like eight other regions, that card is the Bee Card.
  • The NZ government has mandated that where there are electronic ticketing systems like the Bee Card, SuperGold card holders must use that card (not their SuperGold card) on public transport to benefit from concessionary travel.
  • All SuperGold card holders in Otago will need to get on the Bee Card system by 1 December.
  • Until at least the end of the year, your concession entitles you to free all-day travel during the Otago Regional Council’s (ORC) interim flat fare.
  • Without a concession on your Bee Card, you pay a $2 adult fare. If you don’t have a Bee Card at all, you will pay a $3 cash fare in Dunedin and $4 in Queenstown.
  • The Bee Card system informs us about where and when 65+ bus users travel to/from. This allows us to improve the network for all ages of passengers.
  • Beside the cost benefit, if you lose a registered card, it’s easy to replace (credit included).

Get a card from your bus driver, or ORC offices, including our new customer service desk in Dunedin at Philip Laing House, on the corner of Rattray and Princes Street, across from the Exchange. We are on level 2, accessible by lifts.

You can also get a card from Dunedin City Council Customer Centres and the University Book Shop.

Register your card online at or if you need a bit of help, call us.

Email works well too

You will need your Bee Card number, first and last name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address (if you have one), SuperGold card client number.

You can also come and see us at an ORC office.

If you are registering the card yourself online, follow these instructions:

  • While logged into your account, select 'Manage Card'.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, select 'Add SuperGold'
  • Add date of birth and Super Gold client number.
  • If you need any help, call us. We can take you through the whole process!

Yes, you will be able to transfer money from your GoCard to your Bee Card until 31 October (all forms should be completed by 11:59pm on 31 October, 2020).

There is an easy digital form at, call us or visit the ORC service centres. It will take around 10 days to process the transfer.

After registering your card and adding your SuperGold details, you will can benefit from concessionary travel on the bus.

When you get on, hold your Bee Card right up against the ticket reader until it beeps – tagging on.

When you get off, repeat the process at the front or back reader – tagging off – and your trip will be discounted.

The driver can help you if something seems to be wrong.

Without a concession-registered Bee Card, you will pay an adult fare of $2. If you don’t have a Bee Card, you will pay a $3 cash fare in Dunedin and $4 in Queenstown.

Bus drivers are allowing SuperGold Card holders to flash both their Bee Card and SuperGold card to get concessionary travel, however we have to move away from this.

All SuperGold card holders will need to get on the system by 1 December, and use their registered Bee Card to get concessionary travel. 

Yes. Drivers can sell Bee Cards ($5), issue travel tickets (with or without your Bee Card) and top up Bee Cards with cash. They cannot help you register your card.


Call us on 0800 ORBUSDN (0800 672 8736)

Visit ORC at 144 Rattray Street, Level 2, Philip Laing House or 70 Stafford Street



Call us 0800 ORBUSQT (0800 672 8778)

Visit ORC at 1092 Terrace Junction, Frankton, Queenstown (above Westpac).

Or got to for more info.

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