New Zealand is now operating a Traffic Light System

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Otago is under the Orange traffic light. More information here.

For public transport in Dunedin and Queenstown:

You do not need to show a vaccine pass to use public transport, as these services are needed to access services for basic needs such as food and healthcare.

There are no physical distancing requirements on public transport, at bus stops or train stations.

You must wear a face covering:

  • on public transport
  • at arrival and departure points, for example the Dunedin Bus Hub and Frankton Hub.

Scan in or keep a record of which service you travel

Scan the QR code or keep a record of which service you travelled with and when. This will help with contract tracing for any cases in your community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about a few things?
Click here to see our FAQs. 


Staying informed

We encourage you to keep up to date on developments via our Facebook pages or customer service centres. 

You can track your bus with Transit, available to download for free on iPhone or Android. 



If you have other questions about the service, click here to access our FAQS.


Previous Orbus Alert Level information

Alert level 4, 2021:

Public transport is only for essential travel. Please DO NOT take the bus unless you are considered an essential worker or need to access essential services. Wear a mask, scan the COVID QR Codes and do not sit near anyone. 

We will not be able to replace the on-street timetables, fold-out maps and booklets. 

Our services in Queenstown and Dunedin are reduced. To find out about timetable changes go to Orbus Dunedin Facebook or Orbus Queenstown Facebook

For Level 3 from 1 September, 2021: 

  • Public transport in Dunedin will continue to operate with a reduced service.
  • This means in Dunedin all routes will continue to run a Saturday service during the week with the exception of two services, route 1 Palmerston and 80/81 Mosgiel Circuit operating their normal timetables. The weekend timetable is unchanged.
  • In Queenstown, the service is mostly hourly. New Timetables are available here
  • Bus travel is NOT free (unless travelling with an off-peak SuperGold concession).
    • If you do need to pay by cash, you can do so with the driver. Still enter at the rear and tell the driver you need to top up. Try to keep your distance and if you are topping up your card, top up with a large amount please to avoid topping up again.

Some reminders for travel in Alert Level 3:

  • Back door entry, tag on/off at the back door reader. If you need to use the front door, please talk to your driver about your particular needs when the bus arrives.
  • Scan the COVID QR codes provided. If you don’t have the official COVID tracker app, keep a manual diary of your travel.
  • You must wear your mask. Remember, some drivers are exempt from wearing a mask if it affects their ability to drive.
  • When you are waiting for the bus, keep a 2 metre distance from other waiting passengers.

Timetable information

This cannot be changed during this temporary COVID response. The website timetables and Hub e-stops are up to date for Dunedin, in the usual place, and for Queenstown we have clear navigation to newly created online COVID timetables.  However we are not able to change the street timetables or those on Google or Transit. Transit will show real time tracking. 

In Alert Level 2 from 8 September, 2021

⏱We are back to the normal timetable
🚍We are back to front door entry
✔ THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – distancing is not required in Alert Level 2, so everyone can sit where they want. However, there is no standing in level 2 so once we are at capacity you will have to wait for the next service.
🐝Cash is accepted, but if you have a Bee Card top up online please or with large amounts to reduce driver interaction
😷 As always WEAR A MASK
🔳 Track your travel by scanning in the QR codes on buses with the official COVID app, or keep a manual entry of your travel
🙌be kind to each other and our drivers. Some drivers are exempt from wearing a mask, so don’t hassle them about it. They don’t deserve it!

Under Alert Level 1 (from 2020):

  • Distancing is no longer required, but face coverings are mandatory (as per government mandate 17 February 2021). 
  • Read the FAQS for more information about face coverings. There are exemptions, for example children under 12 years of age, students on school services, if wearing one means a driver cannot safely operate the vehicle, or if you have a physical or mental health illness or condition or disability that makes wearing a face covering unsuitable. 
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