How-to guide to catching the bus

1.  Planning your journey

Use this booklet or our online journey planner to figure out what bus you should take and what time you can catch it. Need help? Give us a call: 03 474 0287.

2.  Catching your bus

We recommend getting to your stop a few minutes before the listed time – times at individual bus stops along the way are a best estimate and can vary depending on factors like traffic and number of times the bus has stopped along the way.

Signal the driver with your hand when the bus is in sight.

Your driver will appreciate it if you raise your hand with plenty of time for them to stop safely. Some stops are used by more than one service, so check the number on the front to see if it’s your bus.

3.  Paying for your ride

You can pay your fare using your GoCard or cash. It costs less with GoCard. If you’re using a GoCard, place it on the scanner and tell the bus driver your destination or the number of zones you want to travel – and show your ID if you’re eligible for any concessions. Fares and zones can be viewed here.

4.  On the bus

When you’re taking the bus we ask you to follow our Code of Conduct for everyone’s safety and comfort.

5.  How to get off the bus

When the bus is approaching the stop where you want to get off, press the button once. Let your bus driver know if you need help getting off. Not sure about exact bus stop locations? Ask your driver for advice.

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