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School bus information

School students and families may be affected by some changes to the Dunedin bus network as part of wider route and timetable changes from 18 September. Currently, ORC contracts some weekday bus services to or from Dunedin schools.

In accordance with the Regional Public Transport Plan 2014, as we implement the new bus network, our contracted school services will be progressively phased out. 

However, students will be able to use the normal bus network services for their school travel, and our changes to the network have been geared to facilitate this.

The following school-specific services will no longer be in operation from Monday 18 September:

48A and 51C.

The Port Chalmers service (route 13/14) will be changing:

All Port Chalmers services (now route 14 in both directions) will stop near Logan Park (South), but will no longer deviate down Butts Rd to stop outside Logan Park High School.

The following school-specific services will continue:

5D, 6E, 6D and 40C.

5D 8:35am Pine Hill to Logan Park High School

Travels from the Pine Hill terminus via Pine Hill Rd, Bank St, Great King St North, Cumberland St North (SH1), Dundas St, and Butts Rd to Logan Park High School. 

6E 3:35pm Logan Park High School to Opoho and Pine Hill

Travels from Logan Park High School via Butts Rd, Dundas St, Lovelock Ave and Signal Hill Rd to Opoho terminus at corner of Signal Hill Rd and Northfield Ave. Then via Signal Hill Rd, Dundas St, Great King St North (SH1), Great King St North, Bank St, and Pine Hill Rd to the Pine Hill terminus. 

6D 3:05pm Dunedin North Intermediate to Pine Hill 

Travels from Dunedin North Intermediate via North Rd, Bank St and Pine Hill Rd to the Pine Hill terminus.

40C 3:15pm Macandrew Intermediate School, Queens High School and Kings High School to Lookout Point

Leaves Bathgate Park School and travels via Macandrew Rd, then Surrey St to Queens High School gate, then via Bay View Rd to Kings High School gate, then via Bay View Rd, Kirkcaldy St, Macandrew Rd, Forbury Rd, Easther Cres, and Middleton Rd. Turns at Stenhope Cres terminus then travels via Middleton Rd, Corstorphone Rd, Riselaw Rd and South Rd to the Lookout Point terminus.

What bus can you take now?

To find out how the new network can still get you or your whanau to school, check out the new timetable, visit the journey planner or call the bus call centre on 03 474 0287.

For details of other school services run commercially by bus companies or arranged by schools themselves, please contact the bus company or school involved.

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