Your Dunedin Bus service

The Central City Bus Hub, opening in late March, is set to become Dunedin’s major public transport hub. Located on Great King Street, the Hub will be the heart of Orbus network – your Dunedin network.

It will simplify travel with all citybound services running through, providing easier transfers and a central location.

With the opening of the hub comes a new, fold-out, A2 timetable and map in one. We’ve put a lot of thought into how routes are shown on a map, and we think you’ll find it much easier to see at a glance where your bus service runs and how it connects with the wider network.

For a full timetable, click here.

Click here to see the new-look map.

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How will this affect your route?

The change to routes will be relatively minor, compared to the major network changes made in the past couple of years. The main change – which will apply to all city-bound services  is to the journey through the central city.

After the Bus Hub opens, all central citybound bus services will travel through it. All services, with the exception of 15, 70, 80 and 81, will incorporate the hub. Here are the key dates for when your service starts to travel via the Bus Hub.


Where will your bus stop?

Click here for the timetable

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