Taking your bike on the bus

All urban buses in Dunedin now have bike racks so you have more options for getting around town – and your bike travels for free.

Good to know:

  • Bike racks can carry up to two bikes at a time.
  • They’re designed for wheels larger than 16” (41cm) in diameter.
  • Let the driver know right away if you have problems with the bike racks.
  • Children’s bikes may be allowed on the bus at the driver’s discretion, and must be securely held by the passenger.
  • e-bikes can be mounted on buses however there is a weight restriction. No bike may weigh more than 25 kgs. See more below.


Thanks to Bayhopper and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council for this great video showing how to use a bike rack. Our Orbus bike racks are exactly the same – easy to use, with two on each bus.



Using the bike rack:

To load:

  1. Let the bus driver know you’re going to load your bike.
  2. Squeeze the bike rack handle up to release.
  3. Lower rack until it is horizontal.
  4. Lift your bike onto rack with the front wheel facing towards the yellow arm.
  5. Fit the wheels into the clearly labelled slots.
  6. Lift the support arm to ‘hook’ over the front wheel to secure the bike.

To unload:

  1. Make sure the bus driver knows you’re going to unload your bike.
  2. Unhook the support arm to free the front wheel.
  3. Lift your bike from the rack.
  4. If no one else is using the rack, squeeze the handle to fold the rack back up. For safety reasons, the bus can’t depart until this is done.
  5. Step away and carry on your journey.

It’s your responsibility to load and unload your bike. For safety reasons, our bus drivers are not able to assist you. Please don’t take it personally when they stay in the bus!


Electric and other bikes

E-bikes can be mounted on buses however there is a weight restriction. No bike may weigh more than 25 kgs.

Are there restrictions on wheel size?

Yes, wheels sizes may only be between 16”/40.6cm and 29”/73cm/700c and up to 3”/7.62cm width. The maximum wheelbase dimension is up to 44”/111cm.

Can I store my petrol-powered bike?

Electric bikes with sealed gel, lithium ion or NiCad batteries are permitted. Electric bikes with liquid lead acid batteries are not permitted. Petrol and other similarly powered bikes are not permitted.

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