What is Orbus?

Orbus has been the name of our Dunedin bus service from the time that the Bus Hub opened. The name combines ‘Otago Region’ with ‘bus’.

The new name was first introduced in 2017, with the launch of our Queenstown bus service. We’ve been working with our bus operators to brand the fleet, and more buses will be branded over time.

The Bus Hub is an important piece of the puzzle for network changes we’ve been making over several years. With the hub in place, our service will have completed a major transition that’s made routes more direct, the network more connected, and bus services more frequent. Naming the service recognises this shift – to a bus service that’s now much more user-friendly.

There are other good reasons to give the service a name too. In Dunedin we don’t currently have a straightforward way to refer to our bus services, which can sometimes lead to confusion. By bringing the service under one unified brand we hope to make it easier for people to identify the public bus service, and, importantly, to know where to go for information.

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