Public holidays

Orbus services do not operate on some public holidays and in Dunedin services are reduced on certain public holidays.


Orbus Queenstown Public Holidays

Christmas Day is the only public holiday that the Orbus Queenstown bus service does not operate on.

For all other public holidays, the service runs to the usual timetable every day.


Orbus Dunedin Public Holidays

In Dunedin, our buses do not operate on Christmas Day (see below for details on the Suburban Rumbler bus). However, on other public holidays, including observed public holidays, we run the public holiday schedule which is the same as a Sunday schedule.

On days between Christmas observed days and New Year's observed days, we run the usual schedule. That means that on December 26th, 27th and 28th and January 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are all observed as Public Holidays and therefore have a public holiday schedule.


Orbus Public Holiday bus schedule over the Christmas and New Year period 2021/2022


Service type

December 2021
Christmas Day Saturday 25 December  No service
Boxing Day Sunday 26 December  Public holiday
Christmas Day observed on Monday 27 December Public holiday
Boxing Day observed on Tuesday 28 December Public holiday
Wednesday 29 December  Usual schedule
Thursday 30 December Usual schedule
New Year’s Eve Friday 31 December Usual schedule (as it falls on a Friday you benefit from evening services)


January 2022

New Year’s Day Saturday 1 January Public holiday
Day after New Year's Sunday 2 January Public holiday
New Year’s Day observed on Monday 3 January Public holiday
Day after New Year's observed on Tuesday 4 January Public holiday
Wednesday 5 January to the end of month Usual schedule


Where to find your holiday bus timetable

Holiday bus timetables are available on the individual timetables for each route. To find the holiday timetable for your bus route go to Dunedin Bus Timetables or Queenstown Bus Timetables and select your route. From there you can either select the holiday date from the dropdown list, or download the timetable pdf.


Topping up during the holidays

Otago Regional Council offices will be closed for the Christmas and New year break, closed from Friday 24 December (Queenstown office will be closed from Thursday 23 December) and reopening on Wednesday 5 January 2022.

Please top up with cash on the bus, or online at or at the following retailers:


The Otago Heritage Bus Society Suburban Rumbler timetable 2021 (Dunedin)

Otago Heritage Bus Society Suburban Rumbler bus

The Otago Heritage Bus Society Suburban Rumbler will run on Christmas Day on the Dunedin Normanby/St Clair route (8) via the Octagon on the schedule below.

Octagon Stand 1 (to St. Clair) refers to the typical Cruise Ship bus stop in the centre of the Octagon

Octagon Stand 2 (to Normanby) refers to the bus stop outside iSite.

Otago Heritage Bus Society Suburban Rumbler public holiday bus service timetable 2021

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