SuperGold Bee Card and Community Connect concession

If you are 65+ you are entitled to reduced fares with a SuperGold Bee Card.


You do need to have a REGISTERED Bee Card to get the SuperGold card concessions in Otago. Bee Cards are used in many regions within New Zealand, so highly useful if you plan on travelling around our country. You need a New Zealand address to register - but you don't need to wait to have a card sent to you, pick one up in person. 



SuperGold Card holders

To receive concession fares and free off-peak bus travel you need to load your SuperGold information on to your Bee Card.

Use your SuperGold Bee Card for free off-peak travel:

  • weekdays 9am-3pm and after 6:30pm
  • weekends
  • public holidays

SuperGold concessions are not available for the ferry service in Queenstown.

To receive your SuperGold concession you will need to register your Bee Card and load your details. You can do this in person or online. If you are unable or unsure about registering your card online, ask a friend or family member to help or contact the ORC for help.



Community Services card holders (Community Connect)

If you have a SuperGold card AND a Community Services card, you will need two Bee Cards. This is because the Bee Card system only allows for ONE concession on a Bee Card and you are entitled to two concessions.

Depending on the time of day you wish to travel, you will either use your SuperGold concession Bee Card (free off-peak travel), or your Community Connect concession Bee Card (half price adult fares). Use a sticker or marker pen to add a dot to tell the difference between your Bee Cards.

Use your Community Connect Bee Card half price bus travel during these times:

  • weekdays before 9am
  • weekdays between 3pm-6:30pm

Use your SuperGold Bee Card for free bus travel outside of these times.

Community Connect concessions are not available for the ferry service in Queenstown.



Register your Bee Card

To get free off-peak bus travel with your SuperGold card, or discounted bus travel with your Community Services card, you need to register you Bee Card(s) and add your card details to the Bee Card. 



In person

To find out more or to get help registering your card, call or visit the Otago Regional Council:

Dunedin: 0800 ORBUSDN (0800 672 8736)
144 Rattray Street, Level 2, Philip Laing House
We are on level 2, accessible by lifts. It's very close to a number of bus stops by the Exchange

Queenstown: 0800 ORBUSQT (0800 672 8778)
1092 Terrace Junction, Frankton (above Westpac)


How to load your SuperGold Community Connect concession online

  • Go to Bee Card to register or call us for help to do this.
  • Register your card – follow instructions such as inputting your email address
  • Select 'Manage Card'
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, select 'Add SuperGold'
  • Add date of birth and SuperGold client number.

Frequently asked questions


No. But drivers can sell Bee Cards ($5), issue travel tickets (with or without your Bee Card) and top up Bee Cards with cash (minimum $5). They cannot help you register your card. You will need to call the ORC to do that. 

Yes, though we recommend that every passenger has their own Bee Card.

If you’re travelling with a friend of family member who doesn’t have a card, you can get them discounted travel with your Bee Card. Tag your own card on, and then talk to the driver about using your Bee Card to pay for your friend/family member.

The driver will give them a paper ticket. If you have a paper ticket you don’t need to tag off. Only tag off if you have tagged on.

The only available tickets for this are adult and child. 

If you need to take two buses as part of your journey, you may still only pay for one fare. When a Bee Card user changes buses as part of their commute, they get a free transfer, so long as they change buses within 45 minutes.

That means you should tag on your next bus within 45 minutes of tagging off your last bus. Remember to tag off the second bus too.

If you started your journey in the free travel period, ie before 3pm, you won't get charged if you catch your usual second bus within 45 minutes of getting of your first. 

This is only available to people using a Bee Card. 

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